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Recovery Products

The New Mommy Recovery Wellness Kit – your 30-day recovery program all planned-out for you. You just need to print the product usage charts and follow. 

Post-Pregnancy Wellness: Long before modern medicine, there was Mother Nature

FINALLY, a solution for a mama’s body to heal from the inside-out in a ‘balanced’ manner, both hormonally and physically, after pregnancy.

The New Mommy Wellness Kit is a complete assortment of postnatal products that every mom should have to help herself heal after child birth.  Each product has been carefully selected.  No need to worry as ALL of the products are safe while breastfeeding and blended with the highest quality of herbal ingredients free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harsh sulfates, artificial colors and petroleum derivatives. Each product contains unique healing properties that we recommend are used together for maximum results. The New Mommy Wellness Kit provides a natural solution for a woman’s body to heal from the inside-out.

  1. The Mommy Wrap: An abdominal wrap encompassing the hips to under the breast – the hips open 10cm and need to close 10cm, supports weakened torso and back – use with firming paste for incredible results.
  2. Abdominal Herbal Firming Paste : Incredibly effective tummy paste used by doulas to the celebrities.
  3. Virgin Coconut Oil: a stretch mark product, antioxidant for the skin, moisturizing, you can even drink it. Baby use: massage and cradle cap
  4. Postnatal Recovery Tea: promotes faster passing of lochia and breaks up blood clots.
  5. Feminine Herbal Wash: use the FIRST time you want to get clean after child birth.
  6. Lavender Floral Water: a relaxing spray for mama and baby.
  7. Herbal bath: –  soak away those labor aches and pain with healing herbal bath.
  8. Boreh Body Soap: – every mama LOVES this soap! It’s a gentle exfoliator and a cleanser in one! Many mamas use it on their face too!
  9. Re-circulation Herbal Oil: – aids body in releasing retained water, fat and air, also reduces swelling of legs and feet.
  10. Calming Herbal Blend Paste: AMAZING product – traditionally used for postnatal blues.
  11. Boreh Body Scrub: prepares skin for maximum product absorption, reduces hormonal skin blemishes and dark patches.


  1. EMAIL, TEXTor PHONE communication regarding the products in your kit for as long as you need it.
  2. A PRIVATE link to a collection of 11- beautiful, spa-like PRODUCT VIDEOS instructing you on how best to use each product in combination to maximize effectiveness.
  3. PRODUCT USAGE CHARTS that you can customize so you know when to use your products. Make it your daily routine.

4. FREE recipes from The Mommy Plan Recipe Book – HEALING MEALS: SIMPLE RECIPES FOR NEW MOMS – 1 day of Post-Pregnancy recipes – breakfast, lunch dinner, and two snacks that with aid your body in healing.

5. NEW MOMMY WELLNESS FACEBOOK GROUP:  A closed group with other new moms who have purchased the kit and share usage tips.




FACT: A new mother is nutritionally depleted after almost 10-months of pregnancy and then childbirth. Pregnancy and birth IS a magical time for new mothers. However, in her joy of welcoming a new member to the family, mothers tend to forget that they are integral to the entire process from conception to birth and they tend to neglect their own need to rest and recover after childbirth. Modern maternity care is focused ONLY on prenatal, not post-baby care resulting in POSTNATAL DEPLETION. This type of depletion is directly linked to POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION and effects - energy levels, supply of breast-milk, ability to care for your newborn, patience, thought-pattern, decision-making and general ability to function on a daily basis. Provide your body the nutrients and the natural food in the form of diet, herbs and care it needs. Don’t wait! The only comparison I can think of is like taking care of a car or plants before they break down or whither. If you breakdown there will be much more at stake.