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New Mommy Wellness Kit


The New Mommy Wellness Kit is a 30-day healing program complete assortment of all natural postnatal products that every mom should have to help herself heal after child birth.  Free Bonus Items Also Included with every kit! Click Here, to learn more.

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The New Mommy Wellness Kit

FINALLY, a solution for a mama’s body to heal from the inside-out in a ‘balanced’ manner, both hormonally and physically, after pregnancy.

The New Mommy Wellness Kit is a complete assortment of postnatal products that every mom should have to help herself heal after child birth. Eight of the products found in the set are a collection of the most popular recovery products purchased by moms, four of which can be used prenatally.

  1. The Mommy Wrap: An abdominal wrap
  2. Abdominal Herbal Firming Paste
  3. Virgin Coconut Oil – a stretch mark product – PRENATAL USE
  4. Postnatal Recovery Tea
  5. Feminine Herbal Wash
  6. Lavender Floral Water – a relaxing spray – PRENATAL USE
  7. Herbal bath
  8. Boreh Body Soap – PRENATAL USE
  9. Re-circulation Herbal Massage Oil – for swelling of legs and feet  – PRENATAL USE
  10. Calming Herbal Blend Paste: traditionally used for postnatal blues
  11. Boreh Body Scrub

The 30-day, DIY, kit contains 100% natural products that are safe for breastfeeding. They are made with the highest quality of herbal ingredients free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harsh sulfates, artificial colors and petroleum derivatives. Each product contains unique healing properties that we recommend are used together for maximum results. The Tanamera Postnatal Set provides a natural solution for a woman’s body to heal from the inside-out.

In just 42 days after child birth 80% of the hormonal and physical healing occurs. By Day 5, recovery should begin. Therefore, we’ve thought of everything a mama needs to heal after pregnancy, so all she has to think about is her newborn.

Well managed care

It is a common belief that taking care of a mother is an essential part of the post-birth process, and that well managed postnatal care and will in no doubt, greatly benefit both her, and her newborn. Mothers who have recently delivered have special needs to rehabilitate both their bodies and mind.

Each mama receives:

  1. Her very own New Mommy Wellness Kit of 11-all natural healing products including a Mommy Wrap.
  2. BONUS: A video link how to best use your products.
  3. BONUS: Easy to follow printable 30 day usage charts to plan each week of your recovery. Choose to follow our 30 day program.
  4. BONUS: 5 Recipes from my new book Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New Moms. Recipes that will help heal your body, not slow down your recuperation.
  5. FOR A LIMITED TIME SHIPPING within the continental USA IS FREE! Take advantage of this offer!

 Make sure you are at your best to take care of your baby. Our Kit is your recovery plan.


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