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The Mommy Wrap


Our abdominal wrap is based on the longer, traditional design that mama’s find comforting as it provides 360°support to a post-baby body. Read More…

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Firming, toning, water and flatulence loss, full support of abdomen and hips encompassing pelvic organs.

Our abdominal wrap is based on the longer, traditional design that mama’s find comforting as it provides 360°support to a post-baby body. The material is unbleached cotton which is soft but durable for hours of comfort. The wrap is easy to put on and most comfortable when worn under loose clothes. An abdominal wrap is an important recovery garment worn by mamas in many cultures for a faster recovery from childbirth.

The Mommy Wrap…

  • Designed to provide firm control of flabby, sagging abdominal skin.
  • For the recovery and firming of the abdominal muscles and tissues.

Snug support encourages:

  • Accelerated release of retained water and fat as well as encourages the womb and pelvic organs to shrink at a faster rate and protects them from shifting.
  • It also provides excellent back support while breastfeeding.

Our video shows you exactly how to wear your Mommy Wrap.

How to put on:

  • This wrap is laced from the bottom up, starting at the hip area.
  • Apply Firming herbal blend on stomach area.
  • The wrap should be worn next to the skin, if you find this uncomfortable wear a fitting shirt that is tight against your body.

Step 1: Spread the wrap on a bed with the tie at the bottom. Lie down on the wrap, lining the bottom at mid-hip level and tuck in the cloth side snugly to your body.

Step 2: Starting from the bottom, lace the strap through the eyelets, (like a shoelace), pulling it tightly to achieve a firm fit, but comfortable fit, especially in the abdominal area.

Step 3: Finish off by tying-off the wrap under the bosom. If the wrap is longer than your torso, tie it off and fold down the excess material on the outside not against your skin.

The wrap can be loosened, and the bottom rolled up when you have to use the restroom.


It is strongly recommended to wear the abdominal wrap for at least 12 hours a day, from as early as Day 1 but by Day 5 after delivery, for at least 40 days or more. The more hours the wrap is worn daily the faster your body will shrink by releasing fluids and fat, re-strengthen your core and support a weak and floppy abdominal.

Our design has two rows of eyelets to choose from and accommodates sizes X-small to large. Choose the row that is most comfortable, as your body shrinks move to the second row.


Washing Instructions for the Postpartum Abdominal Wrap
– Wash when odorous or dirty.
– Can hang to air out when not wearing.
– Put in a delicates laundry bag to prevent straps from getting caught on washing machine.
– Wash in COLD water on gentle cycle or hand wash.
– Use mild detergent, NO BLEACH.
– Dryer: Put on the lowest setting on dryer. DO NOT over-dry and take the binder out of the dryer when no longer wet as shrinkage of 5-10% may occur.
– Air dry: hang or lay flat.
– DO NOT wear if wet as may irritate skin.


cottonMaterial: Cotton

Soft yet durable for great support and comfort.


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